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Stalin And Putin - Different Rulers - Same Tactics

People Are Dying In Buffalo - Another Day In Biden's America

Chinese "Attack Drills" Against Taiwan - If You Were Xi When Would You Move?

Video: Everything About Biden And The CCP Screams Espionage

Time For A New Church Committee – Time To Send People To Jail

Biden's Slaves

Joe Moves To Give CCP More Access To American Technology

Biden Sends Pallets Of Cash To The Taliban - How Do You Think They Will Spend It?

Beijing Hunts Down Dissidents While The Western Press Looks Away

Sam Faddis Retired CIA Ops Officer - The Spy In The White House

The Real Saint Nick - We Need A Lot More Of Him

The FBI Hid Hunter Biden’s Laptop From The American People – In Doing So They Ran Cover For Chinese Intelligence

Since We Are Investigating The Laptop From Hell Now - Can We Also Talk About The Biggest Counterintelligence Threat In History?

Scientists Are Thawing Out Ancient Zombie Viruses – Hardly Anything Could Go Wrong With This Plan

Apple - Dancing To The Devil's Tune In China

Update On Situation In China - CCP Poised To Drop The Hammer

Revolution In China – Whose Side Are You On Joe?

Fauci Is Leaving – We Will Be Living With The Damage He Caused For A Very Long Time

Biden Puts The US On The Road To A Chinese Social Credit System

Do The Chinese Own The White House?

Europe Is Sliding Over The Cliff. We Are Only Steps Behind.

The Old GOP Is Dead - Time For A New Republican Party

MAGA Betrayed in Pennsylvania – Time For A Reckoning

Vote Angry

The Deluge Of Democratic Election Interference Has Begun In Pennsylvania - The GOP Slumbers On

Different Election, Same Chaos - Pennsylvania Begins To Vote

Biden Issues Fatwa Justifying The Crushing Of His Political Opposition – What Comes Next?

Xi Jinping Wins Election In Brazil

Vote Buying In Florida - Another Win For The "Election Deniers"

Europe Is Transitioning - To Coal!

Engelbrecht And Phillips Reveal A Threat To Our Elections - Now They May Be The Ones Who Go To Jail

Josh Shapiro's California Connection - The Democratic Elite Moves To Buy An Election

The Russians Are Building Bomb Shelters - This Is Getting Real

In The News Today

U.S. Troops On The Ukrainian Border - Joe Ready To Start World War III?

Putin May Be Getting Ready To Take Down The Internet

Was Hunter Working For Xi Jinping - And If So Is He The Only One The CCP Recruited?

Shapiro Was Wolf's Enforcer - Time For Him To Be Held Accountable

What Are They So Afraid Of In Pennsylvania? - Perkins Coie Comes To Rural Bradford County

Is It Possible The Chinese Really Did Hack Our Elections?

Are We Trying To Start A War? – NATO To Hold Nuclear Drills

France's Fuel Shortages...Some Video

Biden's Plan For Stopping The Next 9/11? - Balloons - Be Afraid, Very, Very Afraid.

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Undated Mail-In Ballots Could Have Huge Impact On How Pennsylvanians Vote

Shapiro Peddles Porn To Pennsylvania Children - Do Parents KnowWhat Their Children Are Exposed To In School?

Russia Fires A Warning Shot - U.S. Airports Hacked

Joe, Nancy And Mitch Did Not Get Rich Off Their Government Salaries - And They Don't Work For You

Did Hunter Biden Help The Chinese Steal American Nuclear Technology?

It Turns Out Elections Have Consequences - This Time They May Be Disastrous

Josh Shapiro Is Terrified Of Toni Shuppe - She Knows The Truth About 2020 And She Won't Stop Talking About It

CEO Of Konnech Arrested - Now The Big Question - Does Konnech Work For Chinese Intelligence?

CHD: NIH Funds GMO Mosquito Trials That "Vaccinate"

The Tsar Did Not Have Nuclear Weapons – Be Careful About Toppling This Despot

We Fought A War Over This Issue - End Modern Day Slavery In America

In English We Just Call It Kidnapping - How The CCP "Persuades" Its Critics Abroad To Come Home

Did The United States Just Blow Up The Nord Stream Pipelines - Sure Looks That Way

Live Coverage Of Hurricane Ian - Multiple Storm Chasers

The Taliban Work To Put Bagram Back Into Action - Why Do Guys Without An Air Force Need An Airbase?

Cost Of Electric Car Charging Points Up 42% In UK

The Wheels Come Off In Russia - Putin Lost

The Emperor Has No Clothes - And We Will All Pay The Price

Afghanistan Next Door – Mexico Falls To A Narco Insurgency

Are We Bent On Our Own Destruction? Chinese Bio Firms On U.S. Soil.

Don Lemon Suggests British Royal Family Pay Reparations For Slavery - An Interesting Discussion Ensues

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles Of Impeachment

Why Is The Biden Administration So Determined To Intimidate Anyone Asking Questions About Elections?

Biden Is Giving $3.5 Billion To The Taliban And You're Not Supposed To Notice

Shapiro's Walmart Of Drugs

Two-Part Series: Frank Gaffney And Sam Faddis Discuss The 9/11 Anniversary And The Current Status Of Sharia Terrorism

Public School Enrollment Down Nearly 2 Million

Inflation Roes Growing For Families

Risk Assessment Study Recommends Against Covid Mandates At Universities

Almost Like They Intend To Cheat In PA - Again

What Is Chitin And Why Is It Being Pushed Into Our Food Supply?

NY Democrats Endorsing Republican Gubernatorial Candidate?

What's All This Talk About An Uptick In Clots Found In The Recently Deceased?

The War Continues - And We Are Losing

Hey, Harrisburg - Take Us Back To In Person Voting - Now.

I Hope He/She Can Fight - They Still Do That In The Military Don't They?

Biden Declares War - On America

Fix The CIA - Before It Is Too Late

The Hill: Trump Calls For Immediate Removal Of McConnell

What Ghillie Suits In The Desert Really Mean

How Many People Will Get Pulitzers For Covering Up This Mass Killing?

Tucker Carlson's Farewell To Fauci...Hilarious

We Will Get Hit - It's Just A Matter Of When

The War On Conservatism Comes To Pennsylvania

Rigging The Game In Pennsylvania - The Establishment Moves To Crush The Power Of The Patriot Movement

The Chinese Plan For Taiwan – The Time For “Reunification" Has Come

Washington Free Beacon: The Democratic Grooming Scandal No One’s Talking About?

The Cartels Are Burning Mexico - How Long Until They Start Doing That Here?

Is The FBI Covering For Chinese Attacks On Our Electoral System?

Bannon's War Room With Sam Faddis: The Actions Of FBI, DoJ: ‘These Are Not One Off Events’

Does The FBI Answer To Xi Jinping

The FBI Comes To Harrisburg Hunting For Political Opponents Of The Biden Administration

Ground Truth: Postmarks Aren't Sexy - But Maybe We Should Think About Them More

Stop Sleeping With The Enemy - The Desperate Need For A New China Policy

The Democratic Party's New KKK - The FBI

We Are Going Back To Afghanistan - The Only Question Is How Many Americans Have To Die First

The Raging Communist Chinese – A World Under Threat

Light Of Liberty Podcast With Sam Faddis

The FBI Hunt For Militia Violent Extremists

Coffee & A Mike Podcast: Sam Faddis On “Taiwan In The Crosshairs – Elections Have Consequences”

Admiral Kirby: The U.S. Does Not Support Taiwan Independence

The Chinese Blockade Of Taiwan May Have Already Begun

Taiwan Updates: China Will Conduct Military Live Fire Exercises Around Taiwan After Pelosi Leaves

The Intercept: Bank Of America Hopes Working Americans "Lose Power"

Will We Survive The Biden Presidency?

Joe Biden – The Man Who Broke America

Taiwan In The Crosshairs – Elections Have Consequences

U.S. Women’s National Team Revamp

Redux Friday: Tony Bobulinski Says Joe Biden Is The “Big Man” Referred To In Hunter Biden Emails As Expecting To Receive 10% From China Deal

Dutch Farmers Still Protesting - A Social Media Update

Where Did All The Votes Come From In Pennsylvania?

Next In The Succession of Disasters Under Biden – Iran Will Detonate A Nuclear Weapon

In The News - 25 July 2022

Billions For Nothing In Doha While The Danger Of A Terrorist Attack Grows

NYT's Journalist Admits Trump Russia Collusion Narrative Was A Hoax

Biden And Al Qaida - Holding Course, Doing Nothing And Waiting For People To Die

Carrying Water For The Revolution

The Trial Of Steve Bannon – Nothing To Do With Justice – Everything To Do With Intimidation

Biden Contemplates Declaring a Climate Change Emergency And Making Himself King

What Happens When The Taliban Gets Ahold Of Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

Victims Of Communism Museum Opens - Illuminates Murderous Ideology

Update: The Rest Of Planet Earth Joins The Dutch - We Are All FED UP!

Big Pharma Wants Shapiro – Because Big Pharma Wants You To Keep Taking The Jab

Breitbart: Bidenflation Worse Than Expected - 40 Year High

How Spies Identify And Assess Targets

Pennsylvania AG Shapiro Has Been A Disaster - Time For Him To Be Failed Up

Premium Content: A Deep Dive Into Moles And The Game Of Espionage

We May Be About To See A Real Coup

The Games Begin For The 2022 Steal

Preparing to Defend the World Cup The U.S. Women’s National Team Revamp

The Fire Burning In Holland Begins To Spread - Are American Politicians Paying Attention?

Holland On The Brink Of Civil War – The Dutch Have Had Enough

The Game Plan for Stealing Elections?

Black Lives Matter - Sometimes

Pennsylvania's Electoral System In Peril - When Will The Legislature Act?

Biden’s Middle Passage – Slaves Are Still Dying On The Way To America

What Else Could Have Been In That Trailer?

Does Joe Biden Work For The Chinese Communist Party?

Is AOC A Communist?

Will The Republic Soon Be Only A Distant Memory?

This Is What Real Revolution Looks Like

How Liberal, Progressive Big Money Coalitions Influence Our Elections

Biden's DOJ Announces It Will Ignore The Supreme Court's Decision

The First Rule Of Marxism - Never Talk About Marxism

What's The Connection Between ERIC And George Soros' Investment In Catalist?

Has Google's AI Achieved "Sentience?"

Terror Air - Now Flying To Destinations Near You

ERIC Needs Fired!

FINA Bans Transgender Swimmers From Women's Events

The Future Is Bleak For Taiwan - Xi Sets The Stage For Crushing The Island Nation

Who Is ERIC And Is The Fox Guarding The (Voting) Hen House?

It Isn’t Just His Bike He Has Wrecked – Biden Must Be Removed From Office

Things Are Changing in Pennsylvania – The Patriots Come Together

75+ Patriot Groups Unite In PA To Demand Return To In-Person Voting Now

Jane’s Revenge – Violence and Revolution Right Here At Home

Marxist Groups Prepare To Shut Down The Supreme Court

Dragging The Kids To Pride!

And Now The Russians Are Moving Troops To Nicaragua – The Sharks Are Circling

The Economy Just Fell Off A Cliff – Brace For Impact

When They Say Revolution That Is Exactly What They Mean

The Mob Comes For Kavanaugh - Man Arrested Outside Home With Gun And A Knife

Daily Mail: Steve Bannon's Lawyers Subpoena Nancy Pelosi And Other 6 January Investigation Committee Members

Capitol Police Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Involved In "Prior Use Of Force Matter"

The Chinese Are Building A Base In Cambodia But Their Sights Are Set On Us

DHS Steps Up Requests For Federal Employees To Volunteer At The Border

Rasmussen: After Inflation, A Majority Of Americans Are Worried About Election Integrity

Now We Have Show Trials Right Here At Home - The January 6th Committee To Begin Public Hearings

Is China About To Make Its Move On Taiwan?

AP News: U.S. Cyber Agency Says Voting Software Vulnerable

What Made Ramos Kill?

Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals Hard Facts Found In The Pfizer Data Dumps

PA Senator And GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Doug Mastriano Signs The Election Integrity Declaration

Al Qaida Is Back - We Will Pay The Price

The Pennsylvania Electoral System Needs Fixed, And It Needs Fixed Now

Is Biden Leading Us Into A Trap?

Biden Wants To Finance China's War Machine

The Day Has Come We Must Ask Ourselves - Is The Republic Already Dead?

The Head Of The WHO Is A Maoist Terrorist – Maybe He Shouldn’t Be Given Control Over The Lives of American Citizens

The Great Monkeypox Scam – Just Say No

PA GOP Proves It's The Swamp - PA Votes Out A Corrupt Politician But The GOP Wants To Challenge His Loss

Rasmussen: 53% Of Americans Believe World Leaders Perceive Biden As Weaker Than Trump

Joe Is Headed For South Korea And Pyongyang Plans To Welcome Him With An Atomic Bomb

School Board Won't Let Mom Read Her 15 Year Old's Reading Assignment At Meeting

Increased Emergency Cardiovascular Events Among Under-40 (Vaccinated) Population In Israel

The RevComs Flex Their Muscles - Shutting The Country Down

'Eat The Rich' May Soon Be Much More Than A Saying

Global Covid Summit Organization Of Over 17,000 Doctors And Medical Scientists Declares That 'Experimental' Covid Vaccines Must End

Forbes: Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Fades Just Weeks After Second And Third Doses, Study Finds

Will The Russian Army Revolt?

Is China Preparing For Another Pearl Harbor?

We Know Oz Is Not A Pennsylvanian - Is He Really Even An American?

Zumwalt: Are Liberals Creating A Dilemma For The Spirit World?

America's Marxists Working To Abolish The Family

Nina Jankowicz aka “Scary Poppins” Wants The Power To Edit Your Tweets -And Then Send You To Jail

The Marxists Show Their Faces

God Is Under Attack - The Mob Comes For Religion

Here Come The Foot Soldiers Of The Revolution

They Don't Just Want To Kill Babies - They Want To Kill The Republic

Labor Costs Rising And Unemployment Up As Inflation Surges

Fences Erected Around Supreme Court...

Biden Calls MAGA Movement The Most Extreme Political Organization

Sam Faddis On PA Election Integrity Declaration With Mary Grace

Harrisburg You Have A Problem - Pennsylvania Patriot Groups Come Together

Supreme Court Confirms Leaked Roe v Wade Decision Draft Is Authentic - Demands Investigation

In Shanghai The People Are Screaming - Xi Is Smiling

George Soros Dumps $750,000 Into Wisconsin Midterms?

"2000 Mules" Alleges 2020 Was Stolen

Let's Not Listen To Adam Kinzinger About Going To War In Ukraine

Biden Sends Stingers To Ukraine - You Lose

The Bolsheviks Make Their Move

Spytalk With Sam Faddis

Biden's Child Slaves - The Real Reason Kids Are Shoveled Across The Border

Thanks Joe - The Taliban Now Have A Spy Blimp

Dr. Oz – There Is No Emerald City At The End Of This Road

Debit Cards For Illegals - How You Pay To Bring Illegal Migrants To The United States

The Starving Time

When You Play With Matches You Get Burned – Pakistan In The Crosshairs

How China Can Strangle The World

Sam Faddis - Unfiltered

Biden Gets Tough At The Border – On Easter Eggs

Housing Men In Women's Prisons - Hell On Earth For Female Inmates

School Shooting In Erie PA - Money For The Football Stadium But Not Security

San Francisco Chronicle: Feinstein Colleagues Worry She Is Too Unfit To Serve

Taliban Take Aim At India - With U.S. Weapons

Biden Administration Seeks To Reimplement Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate

Staggering Incompetence Or Something Worse - Ali And Taherzadeh Released

Video: Sam Faddis On Mary Grace - Hunter's Laptop, Possible Terrorists Near Secret Service Agents And The Fentanyl Crisis

Breaking: At Least 13 Injured In NYC Subway Shootings & Explosion

Is There Another Safehouse?

New Jersey's New Rat Out Your Neighbor Line

Something More Than Just Con Men

Hunter's Hard Drive - Let's Talk About Reality

In Pennsylvania While The GOP Slumbers The Democrats Are Already Stealing 2022

Are The Iranians Trying To Kill American Officials At The Same Time Joe Is Getting Ready To Lift Sanctions On The IRGC?

The Walls Close In On Joe

Xi Jinping And The Mexican Drug Cartels Are Killing America And Joe Biden Is Helping Them Do It

Men Are Pigs But Women Don't Exist

The Trans Movement Seeks To Destroy

Interview: The Biden Family Enterprise's Biggest Customer - Communist China

Joe Vouching For Hunter Is Like Don Corleone Vouching For Sonny

Killing Cars

"The White Flag Will Be Hoisted Over Islamabad" - The Taliban Take Aim At Pakistan

We Handed A Kill List To The Taliban

Did CIA Director Lie About Terminating Relationship With Chinese Communist Influence Group?

An Open Letter To The Intelligence Officers Who Signed The Letter Branding Hunter’s Laptop A Fake

FBI Cyber Expert Tells Congress He Does Not Know Where Hunter Biden's Laptop Is?

"Coffee And A Mike" Discusses What's Been Found On Hunter's Laptop

Updates On The Laptop From Hell

Russia Lost

Conservative Brief: DeSantis Signs Bill Imposing School Board Term Limits, Oversight Of Classrooms, Materials

Afghanistan's New Dark Age

Why Did Hunter Biden Have DOD Encryption Keys On His Laptop?

Trump Files Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton And Others - Lawsuit Claims Defendants Acted In Concert To Weave A False Narrative

Hunter Biden Was Securing Financing For Biotech Labs In Ukraine?

Why Did Joe Biden's Special Assistant Send Hunter Biden Daily Intel Briefs?

Thanks Joe - China Completes Its Militarization Of The South China Sea

Explosive Interviews: Jack Maxey & Sam Faddis On Hunter Biden's Laptop

"Cleansing" The Internet Of Free Speech - Twitter Goes Full CCP

Does The U.S. Government Really Need Pirates?

Special Report: Hunter's Laptop From Hell

There Will Always Be An Emergency - The Assault On Our Liberties Has Just Begun

Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate Joe Biden's Ties To The Chinese Communist Party

Fauci Says May Be Retiring Since Pandemic 'May' Be Over?

Joe Says The Taliban Have Changed - Apparently They Did Not Get The Memo

Welcome To The Party NY Times - We Told You A Year And A Half Ago Hunter’s Laptop Was Real

Saudi Walks Away

Déjà Vu All Over Again – Waiting For The Next 9/11

The Next Pandemic - Can We Get It Right This Time?

Call Him Ephialtes - Biden Betrays America As Iran Fires Missiles At Our Consulate

Act Of War - Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles At U.S. Consulate In Irbil

Updated: China Training Haqqani Network At Bagram Airbase.

Zumwalt: Invading Ukraine And The Fickle Finger Of Blame

If You Liked Being Dependent On Middle East Oil You Will Love Being Owned By China

Give Putin An Off Ramp

Time For A Victory Garden - Joe Broke The Economy Too

Updated:Power Cut To Chernobyl - Possibility Of Spent Fuel Fire And Release Of Radiation

An Intelligence Briefing? These People Protect Their Patrons Not The American People

It Begins - The Taliban Wage Jihad While Biden Pretends It Isn't Happening

This Ends When The People Say It Ends

NATO Countries Give "Green Light" To Send Fighter Jets To Ukraine

Live Feeds Of People's Convoy As They Drive Washington Beltway

Putin: Western Sanctions On Russia Akin To War

Sam Faddis: Truckers Say They Want Our American Democracy Back

Did Our Government Outright Lie About Covid Vaccine Safety?

Zumwalt: Russia Ignored U.S.'s Kuwait Invasion Success Factors Prepping For Their Ukraine Incursion

Whom Do The Truckers Threaten And Why Are They So Afraid?

People's Convoy Descends On Hagerstown Maryland - Plans To Be On D.C. Beltway Tomorrow

Senator Kennedy: The Biden Administration Just Forked Over $18 Billion To Russia Via The IMF

While The World Watches Ukraine – Biden Prepares To Surrender To Iran

Ukraine – The Killing Field For Russians

China’s Plans For Taiwan: Ukraine Sends Xi Jinping Back To The Drawing Board

WA Free Beacon: Russia Wages War, U.S. Military Trains Officers On Gender Identity

'We The People' Should Learn A Lesson From The Kurds & Ukrainians And Their Unifying Force

Biden Closes The Gates Of The Forbidden City

Hunter Biden Ex-Business Associate Sentenced To Jail For Defrauding Native American Tribe

What Has Happened To Seattle?

Russian - Ukrainian Peace Takes Yield No Results Today But Will Continue

The Forbidden City – Over 10k National Guardsmen, Dump Trucks, Large Vehicles Positioned On Major Arteries In And Around D.C.

The People's Convoy Rolls On

Ukraine Update – Putin Looking For A Way Out?

Meanwhile In The South China Sea - Is XI Preparing To Make His Move?

Ukraine Update - Are The Russians Losing?

Beijing Biden Gives Xi His Wish - DOJ Hunt For Chinese Spies Shut Down

We Were Lied To Again - Terrorists Flown To U.S. At Your Expense

The Russian Assault On Ukraine Continues - Putin Allegedly Moving Nuclear Missiles

Delaware County PA – Inside the Theft of an Election?

Putin’s Most Potent Weapon? – Joe Biden

Update On The Situation In Ukraine

The Bill Comes Due – The Savaging Of Joe Biden?

We Are Facing The Theft Of Our Democracy

Venezuela With Ice Hockey – Canada Becomes A Dictatorship

Video: Canadian Mountie Resigns

Bill Maher: Trudeau Sounds Like Hitler

An Open Letter To Law Enforcement 50 Years After Selma

Afghanistan - The New Terrorist Super State

Washington Free Beacon: Clinton Campaign Lawyer Gave ‘Sensitive’ Trump Data to CIA

Jake Sullivan Biden's National Security Advisor Was At The Heart of the Russiagate Lies

Before We Start Another War Let's Figure Out Why We Lost The Last One

Sunday Live Coverage: Ottawa Protests

Do We Still Have A Republic?

Trump: Hillary Spying On My Campaign And Presidency Worse Than Watergate

Techno Fog: Durham Filings Indicate Clinton Allies Spied On The Executive Office Of The President

War Room: Joe Biden Risks War To Salvage His Presidency

DHS Being Sent To Thwart Possible Truck Protest Ahead Of Tomorrow's Super Bowl

Biden Stumbles Toward War - Russians Move On U.S. Submarine

The Bodies Are Piling Up In Baltimore – Courtesy Of Joe Biden And His Policies

Elite Capture – How China Bought a President

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