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The Real Steal – Maine’s Secretary Of State Bars Trump From Ballot

Dear Niki

Xi Told Joe China Would Reunify With Taiwan – Did He Mean Now?

So Many Possible Terrorists Are Showing Up At The Border The Biden Administration Has Opened A Special Processing Lane To Get Them All In

Want To Know What We Will Do When The Chinese Blockade Taiwan? Nothing.

There Is No Border Anymore

Whoever All These Chinese Are - They Aren't Refugees

The "Dirty Little Secret" of America’s Current Government

The Iranians Close The Red Sea

How Many Americans Died That Should Be Alive Today?

Sam Faddis At Hillsdale College - Fixing The CIA - Now

How Long Until The Killing Comes Here?

The World Is Moving From Left To Right

The Coming Assault On America

Al-Qaida Is Attempting To Acquire Nuclear Weapons - Where Is The Biden Administration?

Maduro Is About To Invade Guyana - We Will Do Nothing To Stop Him

Putin's Hacktivists – These Gay Furry Hackers Work For Putin

They Are Coming For Your Kid’s Mind – Again

Mayorkas Lives In An Alternate Reality - And He Has Taken Us All There With Him

Somebody Is Spoofing GPS Signals In The Middle East – The Results For Commercial Aircraft May Be Fatal

Are You Ready For Power Blackouts This Winter?

Paying The Price For Our Arrogance – Russia Gives North Korea A Missile Capable Of Hitting Washington D.C.

Al Qaeda Still Wants To Kill You – Biden May Pay Them To Do It

The Emperor And His Asset

The Trade In “Asylum Seekers” – Why The Establishment Won’t Cut Off Illegal Immigration

Is There A Time Bomb In Your Child’s Chest?

Since They Didn’t Kill Everyone Last Time They Intend To Try Again

Biden Meets Xi: Talking For Talking's Sake

Interested In Having Sam Speak At Your Event?

The Democrats May Or May Not Win The Next Election - But The Republicans Show Every Indication They Will Lose It

The War Already Started And The Iranians Are About To Get The Bomb

Sam Faddis Joins Steve Bannon To Discuss The Danger Of Terror Attacks Right Here At Home

Standy For Another Intelligence Failure - Joe Does Nothing As Terror Threat Here At Home Escalates

Baltimore Gave A Violent Street Gang The Job Of Ending Violence - How Do You Think That Turned Out?

Will the Israel-Hamas War Get New Players?

How China Will Punch Out Our Lights

You Can Beat Up A Woman And Get A Medal Now - Just Don't Kiss Her On The Lips

You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here

Recep The Conquerer – Turkey Dreams Of Becoming A New Ottoman Empire

Why The CIA No Longer Works

Video: The Rise & Fall Of The CIA

Chinese Decide To Experiment With A Bunch Of Previously Unknown Viruses – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

LGBTQ Groups Nationwide Come Out In Support Of Hamas – What’s Next? Jews For Hitler?

Crisis: Who is Killing Young America?

It Didn’t Happen Yesterday – It Could Happen Tomorrow

Jewish Voice For Peace – Real Terrorists In The Capitol

Arkansas Becomes First State To Regulate Chinese Farmland Purchases

Iran Declares War – We Pretend Not To Notice

The Whole World Is Coming – And You Are Paying To Bring Them Here

Fake Food And GMO Crops

The Day Of Rage – Bringing The War Home

Hezbollah Is Already Here

Video: “How Long Until Gaza Happens Here?”: Sam Faddis Speaks Truth To The U.S. Border-Terrorist Crisis

When Does Gaza Happen Here?

The War To End Israel

Will There Be An Election In 2024?

Russia Holds Nationwide Nuclear Drill - Bumbling Toward The Apocalypse

The Cartels Already Control The Border - Now Comes The Battle For The United States

Bidenworld – No Police, No Civilization

Climate Change Lies

Former FBI Agent McGonigal Takes Cash From Chinese Agent -Shuts Down Investigation Into Biden CCP Connections

Are We Preparing For A Coup? – DHS And Its Intelligence “Experts”

Pennsylvania's Governor Just Trashed The Constitution - Illegals One Step Away From Voting

The Revolution Has Begun And The Revolutionaries Are Winning

The Brits Go Rogue And Actually Stop Chinese Spies From Entering Their Government

In The News: Illegal Immigration To The U.S.And Europe On The Rise

Is The Washington Establishment Breaking Clear Of Biden? Inflation & Coming Digital Currency And Social Credit Score

How Long Until A Real Pandemic - New York City Jams Unvaccinated Kids Into City Schools

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says Illegal Immigration Will Destroy The City – That Was The Point Eric

The Front Lines In The Culture Wars – Your Local Library Is Now Part Of The Communist Marxist Takeover?

Joe And The Cartels Loot America

US Defense Department Invites An Iranian Terrorist To Its Defense Symposium

How China Will Take Taiwan

The Madness Begins Again – Unless We Just Say No

It Begins – Facebook Really, Really Wants A Second Biden Term

The China Paper Dragon Is Dying – But Still Dangerous

2024 – The Year AI Will Pick The President?

Are The Oceans Really Filling Up With Plastic?

Our Very Own No-Go Zone - San Francisco

Ground Truth: If The Arctic Is Melting How Do You Explain This?

Another Federal Agency Covering For Chinese Influence Buying Operations In The United States

Why Are Chinese Coming Into Florida By Boat From The Bahamas?

What Really Happened In Maui?

Biden Surrenders To Pirates – Somewhere Jefferson Is Bowing His Head In Shame

Will The Last One Out Of Baltimore Please Turn Out The Lights?

The Moghuls Were Nothing – California Goes To War Against Law Abiding Citizens

The FBI Knew In 2018 Chinese Intelligence Was In Contact With The Bidens – DOJ Buried The Evidence

Somebody Is Getting Rich Off The Migrant Invasion – It Just Ain’t You

Ground Truth: Why is the FBI covering up what could be the biggest counterintelligence threat we have ever faced?

DOJ Seeking Arrest Of Hunter Biden Business Partner Ahead of Scheduled Testimony In Congress Tomorrow

We Just Found A Secret Chinese Bio-Lab Near A Major U.S. Base - How Many More Are There?

When Do The. Suicide Bombings Start Here? – We All Share A Border With Afghanistan Now

Biden’s End Game? – Kensington, Philadelphia

Trump's Impending Arrest - Are We Already Venezuela?

Trump Says He Will Likely Be Indicted And Arrested For January 6th

Taiwan On The Brink – And We Are Just About Out Of Ammo

The Bolsheviks Knew They Had To Target The Military – So Does Joe

Nobody Gets Off The Democratic School Plantation

Biden Lies And Says Taliban Helping Us Fight Al Qaida - His Lies Are Going To Get A Great Many People Killed

Zumwalt: Wagner Group’s Trojan Horse?

The Amish: A Landmine For Big Pharma

Biden’s Iran Envoy Has Lost His Security Clearance – Is Anyone In This Administration Not Playing For The Other Side?

France May Not Have Fallen - But It Is On The Edge

Afghanistan Is Once Again A Launching Pad For Attacks On America – We Are Watching It Happen

Coup In Russia – Who Has Control of the Nuclear Weapons?

The New American Missile Crisis | Sam Faddis Warns Of CCP Threat In Cuba

Sabrina de Sousa: Part II - Has The United States Dispensed With Its "Leave No One Behind" Policy

The Second Cuban Missile Crisis – We Could Really Use JFK Right About Now

China Is A Dying Paper Dragon

The Lackey - Blinken Visits China And Covers For His Boss - Xi Jinping

Lieutenant-General Burt Weighs In On LGBTQ Laws In The States - Time For Her To Go

Sabrina de Sousa: Part I - Targeting Americans

COVID Came Out Of The Wuhan Lab - Where Was The CIA?

Biden Declares War On The Navajo

Want To Enter The Country Illegally? We've Got An App For That

Will Kakhovka Dam End War In Ukraine?

Trump Is Charged But Nobody Has Time To Investigate The Possibility That We Have A Spy In The White House

If The Southern Poverty Law Center Really Wants To Find Extremists It Is Looking In The Wrong Place - Try The Left

Hey, FBI, I Think We Found One Of Those Domestic Violent Extremists You Are Looking For

The Next Pandemic Is Here – Thank Joe

Are Critical National Interests At Stake In Taiwan

The Dodgers Side With Hate

The FBI Has Crossed The Rubicon

Do We Have A Foreign Agent In The White House?

Where Was The FBI When Chinese Intelligence Was Climbing Into Bed With The Bidens?

China is Building Killer Robots Using Artificial Intelligence

The FBI - The New Praetorians

Hundreds Of Fighting Age Chinese Males Are Entering The Country Each Week - We Have No Idea Why

All That Has Gone Before Was Preamble - There Is No Border

They Call It Espionage

Breaking: Gunfire Breaks Out On Our Southern Border

In Case You Missed It: Rep. Comer's Press Conference On Alleged Biden Family's Receipt of $10 Million From Romania & China

Calcutta In Texas

The Chip War With China

Could The Chinese Balloons Be Carrying EMP Weapons That Could Wipe Out Our Power Grids?

Here We Go Again - Another Balloon Headed Our Way

Biden's Multiple Personalities

US Government Trafficking Children? DOJ/FBI Conducts Warrantless Searches On American Citizens?

U.S. Deploys Nuclear Sensors To Ukraine - The Lemmings Prepare To Run Over The Cliff

Orozeza's Mexican Consular Card - A License To Kill?

Biological Warfare – Waged On America By Americans

Ground Truth: Crafting The Lie That Hunter's Laptop Was Fake

Do We Still Live In A Democracy?

Washington State Can Now Kidnap Your Children And Mutilate Them

Sowing The Seeds Of Our Own Destruction - Biden Makes The Cartels Rich

Big Navy Takes Control Of Your Kids

Wonder Where All These Illegal Immigrants Are Going To Live? Your Spare Bedroom Apparently

The Bill Comes Due - Our Children Are Paying The Price For Our War On The Family

Before We Send Any More Money To Ukraine - Can We Find Out Where The Rest Of Our Cash Went?

Dylan Mulvaney – A Minstrel Show For 2023

An Open Letter To The Joint Chiefs And The Secretary of Defense - Resign

Biden Gave Afghanistan To The CCP

The Chinese May Have Already Imposed A Blockade Of Taiwan - Neither That Nation Nor The United States Is Prepared For What Comes Next

Trump As Spartacus - To Crush A Slave Revolt You Kill The Leader

Slaves To Fashion - Human Trafficking Under The Biden Administration

Sam Faddis Talks With Debbie Georgatos - Disasters Everywhere You Look

Another Step On The Road To The End Of The Republic

The Next Phase Of The War - Trans Terrorism

U.S. Empties Weapons Depots To Arm Ukraine - Sure Would Be Nice To Have The Stuff We Gave The Taliban Right About Now

Michigan Invites The CCP To Set Up Shop - Time To Tell The Chinese Communists They Are Not Welcome Here

The Playbook - How China Buys Governments

A Letter From Micronesia’s President – He Wants You To Know Your President Might Be Working For The Chinese

Paris Is Still Burning – An Update From France

Revisiting The Obvious - Does Joe Biden Work For The Chinese Communist Party

Vive la France - The French Remind Macron What They Think Of Kings

Poland Busts Russian Sabotage Team – We Are All One Step Closer To World War

Avril Haines Knows Nothing About Intelligence But She Can Read You One Hell Of A Bedtime Story

James Zumwalt: China’s Doomsday Plan For America

China Brokers Historic Deal Between Saudi Arabia And Iran – What That Means For U.S. Interests

Falling Off The Cliff - The Banking Sector Is Going Under

Why Dead Sea Lions In Peru Threaten Humanity

Sit Rep: One Step Away From Nuclear Disaster In Ukraine

The Chinese Are Making Kill Lists For Taiwan

Ground Truth: Jack Maxey - Hunter, Joe And The CCP

Flashback Tuesday: You Know Where To Find Me - A Look Back At January 6th

Walmart Is Today's Economic Canary In The Coal Mine

Want To Restore Trust In The Pennsylvania GOP? Start By Firing Cutler

Sit Rep: Ford Cars That Repossess Themselves

Today Sea Lions Are Dying - Tomorrow It May Be Us

12 Days Before Iran Can Nuke Tel Aviv

Sit Rep: Iran Gets Ready To Go Nuclear

SIt Rep: Going Blind On The Southern Border

Start Talking In Ukraine Before It Is Too Late

The Devil's Con Man Comes to Pennsylvania

The Sharks Are Circling - Russia And China Take Aim At The World's Undersea Cable Network

We Will Be Lucky To Live Through The Biden Presidency

The Benghazi Gambit – When In Doubt Lie

Down The Rabbit Hole With Biden

SITREP - Update On East Palestine Ohio Disaster

Where Is The Payload?

Pete Buttigieg And Chernobyl in Ohio

If You Are Sleeping Well At Night You Should Not Be

Why Moldova Matters - End The War in Ukraine Now

The FBI Declares Catholicism A Threat

Maybe The Balloon Was Watching Our Reaction

The Democrats Have Staged A Coup In Pennsylvania

The War For Pakistan Has Begun

GOP Representative Mehaffie Calls On The Teamsters To Protect Him From The People

America's Anarchists - In Their Own Words

Joe Biden Is Killing Our Children

China Is Giving Killer Drones To The Taliban

Goat Roping Season In Harrisburg

The Real Domestic Insurgency - Antifa Is Back

Changing Font While The World Burns

Who Wants To Blow Up Poland's Largest Oil Terminal?

Swamp Thing - Pat Browne Crawls Out Of The Ooze

Did Joe Biden Commit Espionage?

Are The Documents Found At The Penn Biden Center The Only Ones Joe Took Or Just The Ones He Forgot To Give To The Chinese?

The Way Ahead - A New GOP In Pennsylvania

Sam Faddis: Weaponization of the Department of Justice And Building Of The Church Committee

The Chinese Dragon Prepares To Swallow Taiwan

Waiting For The Next 9/11 - Somewhere In Afghanistan Al Qaida Is Smiling

Betrayal - The Pennsylvania GOP Installs a Democrat As House Speaker

"China In Focus" – Sam Faddis On Chinese Espionage In The United States

The CDC Orders America's Schools To Adopt The LGBTQ Ideology

Thoughts For The New Year - Remembering What It Means To Be Human