I wonder how many illegals Shapiro’s has agreed to accept?

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Another twelve months of this and even the poor rural sections of non-border states will be over-run.

As the WEF has said in the past, the world populations need reasons to want a one world order. They keep trying wars that cause deaths and people displacement and mass migration to turn people towards this goal, but the tide has not turned in their favor but the opposite. The people still demand their countries with borders.

This is the reason that all western nations have been on this path of allowing human invasions to take place. Western heads of state and lessor magistrates are hand-picked by the WEF to push Agenda 21 15-minutes cities. This two, has not gain the footing hoped for and just riled more people. It's gotten late in their pursuit and people like Klaus Schwab and Soros want badly to see the NWO before they die so we are witnesses, as Sam eludes, to the acceleration of their planned takeover which would have been much further ahead if Hillary had followed O into the WH.

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