And remember, 30 tons of ammonium nitrate disappeared from a rail car somewhere between California and Wyoming. Like HB laptop, not worth investigating...

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This warning is dully noted.

Islamic terrorism is a Jack in the Box. It only starts when the UN/WEF needs more chaos and tells their chosen nation heads to allow and foster it; or to punish a weak nation who has fallen off the chosen path. It is a filler for the lulls between wars. Perhaps Pakistan fell off the path? Nonconforming Trump led to a limited squelching, which was offset by the initiation of homegrown race riots that bled to overseas and the release of the ever-so-effective on many fronts, Covid-19 - the supreme shifter of equilibrium between gov and the governed worldwide.

No doubt the US can expect terrorism here. Open borders and asylum are the gifts that keeps on giving - tactics to fulfill many agenda items under the cover of benevolence.

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