Seems Biden just keeps on giving to the bad players out there.

Just glad I am an older war fart now. For the young I worry greatly. Sad days on the horizon indeed. 🇺🇸

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Sam, Let me ask you a question, do you think that if Jake “ Soy Boy” Sullivan and Burns at CIA got actionable intell on an upcoming hit by Quds on a former POTUS who lives in Fla would they:

1. With hold the info from the USSS

2. Actively assist & provide intell to the terrorists to facilitate their agenda,

3. in the aftermath of a dead protectee & many USSS agents would disavow any knowledge & not retaliate claiming there was no fingerprints by the perp.

Just asking…

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Thanks Sam for reporting on international geo politics like no one else seems to do much of. Terrorism is a dirty word and subject that is not palatable- but is a very real threat which should be front and center as an important issue for America to lead a tough stance against. At least the America, I grew up in. Now? I am not so sure.

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Thank you brother. You have an outstanding group.

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