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Several thoughts on this:

1) This would be a second coup; the first one was in November 2020;

2) Which makes the idea that they would engage in such in extremis moves plausible -- their loyalty is not to the United States or its Constitution;

3) Not sure (from their standpoint) whether better to execute as an "October Surprise" or wait until the period after the midterms and before newly elected people are sworn in and so they are still in power;

4) The election fraud infrastructure across the country remains largely intact from 2020 (thanks to GOP Establishment complicity);

5) Such a move would almost inevitably result in massive demonstrations on the streets, if not violence, if not the current cold civil war going hot. They may want that as a pretext for (among other things) selectively enforcing recently enacted red flag laws (again, with GOP complicity); and to otherwise "crack down" on supposed "insurrectionists" and alternative media;

6) The "insurrectionists" will be blamed for inflation, food shortages, energy unavailability and costs -- they will be designated as the internal equivalent of Putin / Russians;

7) The CCP and Globalists (who may be part of all this planning) will exploit the vacuum created by the dissolving United States of America. The entire globe will thereby suffer (not just Taiwan);

8) Could the succeeding years be those foretold in The Book of Revelation?

9) We must all redouble our efforts to peacefully prevent this from happening, which includes praying in sincere repentance for ourselves and our nation, and asking that God hears our prayers and delivers us from this evil.

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