I realized the Biden Family Crime Syndicate and their handlers/puppeteers were committing treason when Bagram was vacated, leaving $85 billion in high tech military equipment indirectly to the CCP, which can be reverse engineered by those same thugs. Why only you and a few others are mentioning this is amazing and impossible to understand without grasping the concept of several cognitive biases to which humans often succumb.

BTW, M. Stanton Evans' book, "Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies," in which he made an incontrovertible case for McCarthy having been right in general about Soviets taking positions at every level of government, industry, media, entertainment and (mis-)education, helped me to accept the idea the CCP is going by the same playbook. And Tucker's video of a Chinese (I think) professor bragging how the CCP had assets at every level of the U.S. government, et al, eight months before Bagram, but me on high alert for the likelihood that the worst possible fears might be real.

It's horrifying, Everything Biden and handlers have done is perfectly designed to divide the U.S. and pit citizen against citizen. From open borders to DEI (or as I prefer to call it, DIE), "everyone I disagree with is a racist," forced jabs, the elimination of science in everything from genders to climate, eviscerating the military, and on and on--all to divide and conquer.

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We are circling the drain, our time as a prosperous nation are over.

I will continue to fight for this once great republic, and if it's Gods' will we will survive. But I do wonder if I will be forced to learn Mandarin or Russian.

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We no longer live in a nation that abides by the rule of law. We have entered into a dangerous period and it appears that the easy answers are no longer available. Until election fraud can be eliminated, we have few options for change. This destruction is intentional and the world knows it.

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As always, Sam Faddis is on point. We have a gapping security risk at the White House. Talk about open borders...

On a positive note, if they have the indictment set on Trump, perhaps they can free up their prodigious resources to pursue the Laptop, and the bribery involved with the Biden family, and yes, the document abuse of Biden, Obama, Clinton, etc. They have a massive budget. Maybe the IRS can help them trace the money trail? Dream on I suppose. There are more evil parents to track down. Good Lord.

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No, they have the time.

But the "intelligence community," DOJ, FBI and the Bidens are all playing for the same team, what I refer to as the Globalist-CCP Axis.

The CCP's unlimited warfare element of "elite capture" has been successful, probably beyond their wildest dreams.

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