Please scroll to The 36 minute mark and listen to the report of J.R. Nyquist, It only takes about 10 minutes long

but has an hours worth of important information. Please listen to him he interviewed Col Communist defector the information is Extremely Important.

and if you can interview J.R. Nyquist it would be worth a long interview.

Please listen to him


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JOHN GUANDOLO, Officer (Ret.), United States Marine Corps, Veteran, Operations Desert Shield/Storm, Former FBI Investigator, Counterterrorism Division

Hamas’ adherence to Sharia

Where is the “hub” for Hamas in the United States?

Are Islamic organizations in the U.S. financially supporting Hamas?


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Every day I wake up to see if we are still the United States of America and check the status of Israel/Jerusalem. I am also watching to see if DJT is still alive. What is happening to him is the clearest indicator of how close to third world country status we are. So far all are status quo, but teetering badly. My faith in Jesus grows stronger by the hour, perhaps that is the purpose for the geo-political world crumbling.

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The Tucker/Weinstein interview makes it very clear the invasion is purposeful, which reinforces the idea Biden and his handlers are committing treason. The interview is among the most important ever, if not THE most important when we consider Weinstein's background as a committed leftist. He is coming to Jesus.

Sasha Stone's Stack offers two ways to view: https://sashastone.substack.com/p/tucker-talks-to-bret-weinstein-on-d04?publication_id=66221&post_id=141300008&isFreemail=true&r=9nfz6

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