I will not comply.

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Time to show some courage, folks.

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Aug 29, 2023Liked by AND Magazine

Another way to panic the country and force people to go along with same idiocy that they had running before. I think the Covid vaccine was developed too fast and if it mutates like the flu does every year, then the old shot will not help you. I don't plan on any new shots or boosters. Remember, when they develope the flu shot every year it's what strain the doctors think it will be.

I see people standing in lines at stores wherever I go and they are all standing 6 feet apart or farther. I tell them, "The government has trained you well."

Don't get me wrong. I believe in good medicine and health. I don't believe in idiots trying to make stupid policy. Haven't we learned from before on what works and what doesn't?

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Defeating Toxic mRNA "Vaccines"

Please contact: ToxicMrnaSleuth1@proton.me


I would like to find a way to help you defeat toxic mRNA "Vaccines". My new Substack, https://toxicmrna.substack.com, complements your wonderful work. It proves that the mRNA "Vaccines" caused catastrophic diseases, disabilities, and deaths. It is a novel use of Substack to structure the evidence and logic to prove the case. A PDF book will be available in two weeks. I plan to produce weekly Posts summarizing New Evidence - that will eventually be incorporated in the main Substack.

I hope that you will find ToxicMrna.substack as powerful and compelling as some of my early reviewers. I am open to helping in any way that you will consider and would appreciate a mention on your platforms.

Thank you!


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I am somewhat amazed at the patience of the American people. We have seen thousands perhaps millions of jab injuries and deaths, most people have family members or close friends that suffered loss from this poison. And the tyrants that foisted the original sickness and 'prevention' are threatening to do it again? I see some people masked up already, unfortunately I consider them a lost cause and pity their living in fear and deception.

Worst case scenario is there truly is a more lethal WMD in the wings, manufactured in Ukraine, or Fresno California.

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When the WHO met in Geneva this past May to finalize the treaty amendments it was reported by Michelle Backmann that one member insisted that a world-wide simulation be held this fall to ensure their treaty amendments are tight and controlling. They will reconvene in January and then vote in February of next year.

I suggest that everyone get as many people as you can to prove that no matter what amendments they made to the WHO’s authority, US citizens will NOT COMPLY. Get everyone singing this song - https://t.me/IndictedWeStand/363261

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