Take 58 minutes and watch all of this grab popcorn and watch.

Very important. more people in the country needs to see this. It goes along with what is happening at our border, Israel, NK, Rus., China Ukraine, and what is getting ready to take place at an unknown instant coordinated attack here against the US.


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Please scroll to The 36 minute mark and listen to the report of J.R. Nyquist, It only takes about 10 minutes long

but has an hours worth of important information. Please listen to him he interviewed Col Communist defector the information is Extremely Important.

and if you can interview J.R. Nyquist it would be worth a long interview.

Please listen to him


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Thank you Mr. Nagel for pulling this list together in a succinct fashion. Common sense screams there is something vastly wrong with our countries leadership, none of this destruction can be accomplished by accident or sheer incompetence. The goal of taking this Republic down is rushing forward and gaining speed. And I fear there is no stopping it.

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Agree this is Obama's third term but do not believe he is in charge of it. Part of it, yes; full support of it yes; but don't think he is that smart to be the top guy. This is a coordinated effort by the people who put him in the WH. Such shallow and narcissistic individuals with a determined mind set to enact change, but for whose benefit? It is unfathomable the damage done, robbing millions of their potential, for what? A bigger house? More cars? Faster jets? Despicable people.

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I agree SweetPea128 (FWIW). In the past I've referred to B. Hussein Obama as the "middle manager" for the "Globalist-CCP Axis" - which was behind the 2020 election steal / coup d'etat.

The "intelligence agencies," DOJ-FBI, media etc. are all mid-level operatives for the Axis.

The Globalist-CCP Axis, in turn, is comprised on major financial interests (for whom the central banks themselves may be mid-level operations); the CCP - and somewhat subordinate but allied entities such as Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood.*

All allied in taking-out the USA (at least in all-but-name) - for if the USA goes down, the rest of the world is ripe for the picking.

*Many of them may not themselves realize it, but IMO all are minions of Satan.

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Well put. I know that “it” is coming but cannot truly grasp the impact or that it will be a reality. Nothing I have seen or read that doesn’t convince me that life as we have known it is over.

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I believe that we're on the bubble. The evildoers are executing long-laid plans (e.g., the "Great Reset") and at present have the momentum. OTOH, Trump is still viable, and with each passing day more and more people are getting red-pilled, in spite of the best efforts of the (misnamed) "mainstream media."

2 Chronicles 7:14 I believe applies to where we find ourselves - on the cusp a a generations-long dystopia (if not End Times), or a new Great Awakening:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

The question on the table now is if enough people will "turn from their wicked ways" in time.

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I agree with you Mr. Wigand, we are in the midst of a centuries long plan by Satan to take down God Himself. It's a futile battle as Satan was completely defeated by God incarnate, Jesus, over 2000 years ago. We are witness to this great spiritual battle raging all around us, people are taking sides and it looks to me evil is gaining if not surpassing good. Wars, loss of affection, greed. II Chronicles 7:14 indeed!

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Spot on except DJT is not the man. I fully support DeSantis and if he is not the candidate I will stay home. Of course that is if there is a fair election which is doubtful. “They” will never let Ron win

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Respectfully disagree about DeSantis (and this is from a FL resident who feels blessed to have had him as Governor and having dodged the Andrew Gillum bullet).

DeSantis has been backed by GOP Establishment (UniParty) big-money interests (Conservative Treehouse has a lot of coverage about this). Those interests would not have invested in DeSantis without first conducting their due diligence - in this context, assurances that DeSantis will dance to their tune.

Now that DeSantis hasn't performed as anticipated, those interests appear to be pivoting to Nikki Haley.

There won't be a fair election in 2020; the question is if we can generate enough voters / votes to overwhelm the UniParty supported election-fraud infrastructure (with, perhaps, some Providential intervention).

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