A quibble: The KKK wasn't operating under color of law. I'd say that Antifa-BLM are the modern equivalents of the KKK for the Democrat Party. The FBI is more akin to the Black Shirts / Brown Shirts of the 1930's for the Democrat Party. And those evil forces that control the Democrat Party.

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What was the "position" of the Secret Service? FIB Raids when President Trump is away in NJ. Was this Co-ordinated to avoid any conflict if Trump was present on the premises? Would the Secret Service "oppose" their FIB "Feral Cousins"? Doubtful, they are All Feral Gov.

Palm Beach (City) Polezi are ProgreSSive and happy to be lap dogs to their FIB Masters.

Palm Beach Sheriff? Ric Bradshaw a democRat of course and on FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force EXECUTIVE BOARD.

Trump lives behind Enemy Lines. Not all of Fl is MAGA, CW's are very messy affairs, Where do you live in the USSA, Comrades?

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More on FIB-Doj Raid, for What? Not papers from DC but Trump's Evidence from Miami and on Epistein. Castrates the Deep State Pedophiles, FIB covering up again, nothing new there........




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This is despicable. They seem to follow (or create) laws to their liking. This is a former POTUS' home! Can you imagine if this was Obobo or the Hag? I have lost all respect for the FBI and will NOT accept "I was following orders" excuse. Can you imagine Garland on the SCOTUS?

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Well said and to the point sir. 🇺🇸

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