A "Border" like a"Constitution" is an "Idea" written on paper, much like the paper/digital used as "money". Are We living in a paper mache "constructed" world?

Specifically, the Mexican Cartels operate Freely in the USSA already, they just haven't brought their heavy equipment in Yet. That the Mex Gov is Corrupt is a Given, like the DC Feral Coup Gov.?

ISIS was created by the USSA's CiA, seem similar to the Mex Cartels.?

It's Only a Matter of Timing, Comrades until ....... and No One is Going to "Save You." Except YOU.

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Peter Zhain, for all his faults, made the intriguing argument at a recent Army Maneuver Warfare conference lecture that the geography of the south western United States closely resembles Afghanistan and would likely become a safe haven for the operations of the Mexican-drug-cartel-run-as-a-highflutin-multinational-criminal-enterprise.

With heavy ingress into legitimate US domestic business enterprises as cover for and supplement to illicit trade, there is nothing to stop the cartels from becoming one of the biggest private armies in the United States as it recruits from immigrant populations and other degenerates with its ever accumulating stores of wealth.

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