What is on the agenda of the WH which they are trying to 'hide'?

Joey is with the Ukies. Serbia/Kosovo are still looking like they are sitting on the edge of a knife blade, with the Frogs and the Huns said by local Serbian press to be possibly stirring the pot for another Balkans. After all Romania, a neighbor of the Serbian area, is filled with U.S. forces and probably lots of SF who are known for working the 'plausible deniability' angle. Poland is chomping at the bit to go to war (according to some media). Is it to 'fight' or to keep their fingers crossed that they can regain the territory (now part of Ukraine) which they lost after WWI? Mexico is talking of nationalizing their strategic minerals in the Sonora area and only allowing Mexican nationals to start companies to mine them... keeping them from both China and the U.S.A.? Ahh, we live in a great world of Chaos... von Braun may have been correct when he told his assistant before his death in the late 1970's that the 'last' item 'the people who 'wannabe' in power' would use to subjugate Earth would be 'an attack by aliens' and he supposedly said 'after pandemics'.

Keep writing Sam, I'm forwarding to my list of retired senior military officers and maybe some will start following you, as a young officer I was the Aide to one of those fine gentlemen. Love those guys and they depend on you, I and the rest to keep them informed.

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Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

The vacuum created by the theft of the 2020 election has changed the world. I think our days as a superpower are over. And maybe deservedly so. We have been far from righteous for a long time.

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