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Nov 8, 2023·edited Nov 9, 2023

I know that all major institutions built to protect the citizens in this country have been corrupted and need reform. Everyone from DOJ/FBI, CIA, military, every alphabet law enforcement agency created in the federal government, and almost every big city police department. From top down since Obama fundamentally changed the government. Especially since 2019 most of the institutional knowledge has been wiped out of these organizations through attrition and demoralization, and replaced with moldable shapeable sycophants and true believers. Friends of the leftists, globalists. Weak leaders that are bent on destroying this country from within, whether on purpose or because they are just dumb and or endoctrinated to believe that the United States should die to make way for a better way. A one world government. I do not think most people can even grasp the depth and width of the problem and the how and why these institutions are so irredeemable. We are way beyond the precipice in this country. It would take catastrophic change, a total shift in all 3 branches of the government, a total cleansing of every 3 letter agency in the federal government and a destruction of the global administrative state to bring us back to zero. Or at least a separation from that entity. Steven Bannon, is genius and definitely has a from the balcony grasp of what we're facing. I am a huge fan. The problem that we are ignoring is that they control ALL of the systems in place. Especially our elections system. Even if Trump can beat a system rigged against The People and in favor or the the CCP and a globalist government, which is doubtful, they will destroy him before they let him become president, how is he supposed to govern? How is he going to "clean out" the rot that has infected this entire country since at minimum 9/11. But especially since the Obama administration was allowed to completely transform these institutions and replace almost ALL of the good patriots working for the good of the Republic with globalist sycophants who are bent on destroying this country and bringing us into the fold of a one world government. We are now in the fourth year of the coup and nothing has been done by anyone to stop our decent into becoming a 2nd world vassal state of a globalist autocracy. It's time to stop all of this rahrah when Trump is president again bs and get to work. Someone has to lead. Someone has to have the courage to fight the enemy within. This needed to happen in Jan 2021. If it doesn't happen soon, it will never happen. Talk is not action and we need immediate bold action to win over this evil that is infecting every inch of this Republic and the civilized world. If real Americans in power do not take action yesterday then we will be destroyed from within by the treasonous scum who are destroying the civilized world around us, if it is not already too late. The sad thing is it could've been stopped in 2020, as is true now. But no one will stop it and we are doomed to become a vassal state of a globalist government and live as slaves to the CCP because of our corrupt and stiff necked ways. I am sad my generation is too weak and apathetic to do anything about it.

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