Very healthy appearing immigrants. I see no overweight, no frail, underfed. Look at the age, sex distribution of those immigrants, and let your imagination run wild as to, Is There a Plan? Then read all of the '20Whatever plans' for cities, demographics, etc. Its all part of the plans from the UN, WEF, Davos, etc. Check on the UN website the funding for global immigration.. well funded, and a great network of transportation, housing, food, etc... not what we see in the 'photo ops' of tents in the desert. There are multiple 'classes' of immigrants, the real ones, and then the ones who are part of the agenda. Read Sun Tsu on military plans. When taking over a country, Plant your own people inside to provide intelligence, and later assist. It's all there when linking the dots.

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First of all, I applaud anyone coming to America from another country that wants to become a U.S. Citizen. I think that this is the greatest country on earth, The thing that I find pathetic is that Foreigners that go through our Citizenship Classes and become citizens know more about the history of this country than our own children that go through our school system.

So far, I haven’t seen anything that this administration has touched that hasn’t turned into a disaster. Shutting down pipelines and oil drilling, the Afghan pullout and THE BORDER! I can’t see how, that over two years that they can say the Border Is Secure. The millions of people that have crossed, both caught and get-aways is mind blowing.

Now, as long as this had been along the Border States, nobody really cared. Now that these immigrants are being sent to “Sanctuary Cities”, it’s a really big problem.

Eric Adams and his dilemma. When Eric Adams was elected as Mayor of New York City, I had hope. I thought here is a retired NY Police Officer becoming the Mayor and I thought that he would bring back law and order and do other good things for the city. Was I sorely disappointed.

He, like many other Mayors of other cities declared themselves as “Sanctuary Cities.” It is my belief that they thought that it sounded good, but, it would never have any consequence. Then, when Texas, after dealing with the masses along the border started to share their issues with these cities, it no longer was fun. (As long as it isn’t in my back yard!) It was easy to call yourself a “Sanctuary City”, but when you have to really do something, it isn’t fun anymore. All of a sudden, you have to figure out a serious problem. I don’t have any sympathy for them at all!!

Where does the problem start? With the Federal Government. If the Feds were following the immigration laws like they should be doing, we wouldn’t be in this problem. I can’t believe that this issue has been going on for so long with no action taken. I can’t believe Mayorkas hasn’t been impeached yet, but he won’t be as long as he is doing what this administration wants. I feel sorry for the Border Patrol and Immigration Agents and all the other individuals involved.

Remember all this when you vote during the next election!!!

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Maybe McCarthy will write another strongly worded letter.

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Bravo, Mr. Faddis. Well put. As some have observed (only to be reflexively labeled as "conspiracy theorists"), this is "Replacement Migration."

I might add, that what we're enduring is the Cloward-Piven Strategy being executing on an international basis, rather than (as originally envisioned) domestic-only basis. Thus the U.S. "poor" originally (but falsely) portrayed as the intended beneficiaries of the Strategy, are now de facto collateral damage.

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