Well analyzed and said. But what will be

Method of raising money. The Harrisburg assembly deserves all of the disrespect

They have dished out to their constituents.

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Not sure why moving to a less corrupt state not a better option.

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FWIW, I've long advocated taking out (electorally) what I call "Vichy Republicans." This has to be done on a selective basis but, e.g., base Republican voters (selectively) cross-over and vote for the Democrat. Just to unelected the Republican.

Why? To neuter the advantages of incumbency, and free up the seat currently held by an entrenched RINO for a potential better R option in the next cycle. Short term pain (a D in office) for potential long-term gain.

In other words, patriots / conservatives become "swing voters," and R officeholders need to know that if they cross us too much, they risk losing their seat.

Names like McConnell come to mind ...

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