The left did this before. No big they think they can do again. Alaska is dealing with this also.

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Hi Sam, I’m here because I struggle to identify what is really going on in Ukraine and I’ve identified you as the best “Russia is losing” voice. As October rolls to a close, the “Russia is winning” voices are losing credibility (Russia is waiting till late October for muddy season to end to complete their conquest of Ukraine, etc.). Your coverage of the fraud in PA - you’ve single-handedly convinced me that PA deserves the kudos of corruption I only attributed to CA, IL, NJ and NY - has been a free sideshow to what I have been a paying subscriber for your substack reporting to date.

Indeed, between PA college friends who somehow support Fetterman using the “I hate Trump”, sorry, “Oz” vote analysis approach, I even tried to watch the debate. I cringed for maybe 5 minutes before turning away from the drooling of Biden, ugh, sorry, Fetterman and thus missed his trouncing of Oz in the debate as dutifully noted by your PA Inquirer. My unacceptably long winded question after learning today of a quarter MILLION unverified mail in ballots distributed by your Secretary of State, Leigh Chapman


is why do you still reside there? Why not move to a less corrupt place?

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