EXCELLENT! Great analysis. Thank you Lt. Col.Zumwalt!

I've read (and even written about) the Chi speech before. Here's a link to the text of the speech, courtesy of J.R. Nyquist: https://jrnyquist.blog/2019/09/11/the-secret-speech-of-general-chi-haotian/

It is chilling to read, and I've been baffled by the precious little attention it's received (I've attributed that to a CCP co-opted media, much less the current CCP-co-opted occupant of the White House).

I would also point out that Lawrence Sellin has stated that the CCP has also worked on "pre-war" bioweapons intended to weaken the adversary prior to the onset of hostilities (if memory serves, this was in an interview with him by Epoch Times / Epoch TV).

THAT might explain Covid AND the "vaccines" (are they intended to be complimentary or sequential bioweapons?) ... and in turn might explain the insistence by the current White House and Pentagon leadership with forcibly injecting our armed forces with the experimental mRNA "vaccines."

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Excellent article and a must read.

Atheism will be the CCP's ultimate downfall, just as disregarding the history of our founding will be America's downfall. Through the power and grace of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, America accomplished more in 240 years than Chi's atheistic communist ideals have accomplished in centuries. Yes, America will fall for it's disobedience to God, perhaps soon. So surely the CCP will fall at the hand of the God they refuse to acknowledge in the valley of Jehoshaphat.

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