I keep trying to think when this started. I believe it to be when prayer was removed from the school. The education system no longer teaches the heroic efforts and sacrifices made by patriots to establish and maintain our freedoms, only made up victimhood and perceived abuses. How many patriots died freeing slaves in the Civil War? Never mentioned. Valley Forge with freezing temperatures and only rags on their feet. Conestoga wagons filled with all their worldly possessions as they crossed into the frontier for a better life. No welfare, no freebies. Hostile environment. We are now seeing the results of that education as that generation now pervades the board rooms and managerial positions. Couple that with the greed that permeates our political class and only God can save us now.

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One thing that really stands out to me is the Biden klick does nothing at all about this, ever?! Maybe progressives are gets on board with the worse of world players now.


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Sam do you ever feel like we’re living in a simulation? To steal the title of another Substack I love Margo Cleveland we could name the simulation Absurdistan. This particular version scares me.

We’re living in a time where our own government, whose first and foremost responsibility is to protect the states and people therein, are inviting millions of unvetted fighting age males from all over the world to illegally cross our border, Chinese and African nations have shown up to the party as of late. Not to mention the terrorist like this woman that no doubt was a legal immigrant.

Because Abbot and Biden are flying and busing in many of the illegal border crossers to NYC, a sanctuary city no less. The Mayor of NYC is busing out Only fighting age male illegals to republican bedroom communities in upstate NY.

They’re being housed in community hotels where crime has visibly risen beyond the resources of local law enforcement.

Mexican journalists are reporting, with video, cartel members carrying javelins in Matamoros Mexico across the border from Brownsville TX. ( Source: Redacted News streamed June 1, 23 at 16:00 on Rumble). I pickup freight down there quite a bit.

Rather than diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine at the outset they pushed Putin into war by announcing their intention to bring Ukraine into NATO. Which would put NATO weapons dangerously close to the Russia border.

For obvious reasons Putin has vehemently rejected this for years. (especially after the regime change US / Nuland sp? designed and facilitated in 2015, proven by audio evidence recently leaked.)

The DOJ just arrested 2 “Chinese Spies” in NYC which has put any relationship we had left with China in a very tenuous position. Calls from diplomats are going unanswered.

I’m just a simple trucker gal. I don’t profess to know anything about foreign or domestic policy. I pay my taxes so that people that are experts in these areas handle such matters.

But it’s pretty evident that everything this administration is doing is opposite of what we should be doing. As though we’re in an upside down world.

Are these policies meant not to protect but rather destroy our country from within? With such a rise in crime, (I personally see it everyday on the road) will these policies weaken the people to the point that we won’t be able to defend against an onshore war?

If WWIII is put into play will it bring us dangerously close to an extinction event? Will it escalate to nuclear immediately?

I know what your previous job was. I’ve listened to you on podcast. I believe that you’re one of the good guys.

I don’t know if you ever read these comments. I’ve never seen you like one or interact with your subscribers so there’s no reason to believe that you do read them.

But just in case you do would you be so kind as to write an article addressing some of these or all of these issues? There are a whole lot of us out here with children and grandchildren.

We’re really quite worried about their future and whether this administration will destroy this beautiful country and her people. Thanks in advance if you decide to take on this very important but difficult task.

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I seldom disagree with you Mr. Faddis, however I must disagree with your last sentence. They (FBI) are not looking for Islamic extremists. Otherwise, spot on!

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