A coordinated effort like this would have me suspect that the Southern Border and Florida are not the entry points! Our friends to the north (Trudeau cabal) would gladly help them infiltrate from the north. Cuba is a growing threat bc the CCP, I’m sure they are a staging point!

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Why, why, why?

If a nation is planning a major military attack, one way to keep your enemies off balance is to create multiple distractions. If you have the ability to strike multiple sources within you enemies borders this will create panic, disruption and possible paralyze many assets that could be used for the main battle. Secondly, I would do my best to have them deplete their military arsenals (Ukraine) and poison their minds questioning themselves and their country.

Lastly, I would control the worlds energy and natural resources.

I expect when the CCP attacks Taiwan, there will be coordinated attacks by Iran/Hamas/ Hezbollah (arms) north Korea (missles) and Russia (cyber)

Once Taiwan fails, ASEAN is next.

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Many have also been crossing in Texas border.

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So many problems w this. First, asylum laws specifically preclude economic migrants. Why are these people given asylum hearings? As for paying for it, in a scenario where this is 'innocent' it's not uncommon for entire extended families to raise the money to send one or two 'anchors' to the U.S. to get set up and start working. They are expected to send money home.

Let's assume they are not innocent. If China is surging large numbers of agents into the U.S., one is required to imagine the plan behind this that would call for such an action? Chinese history is replete with 'assasin's mace' style attacks on their enemies, special weapons or tactics that an enemy does not see coming. When China moves on Taiwan, they would be wise to scare the living daylights out of the American people with some disruptions here should we act to make them understand the seriousness of us trying to stop China from taking Taiwan.

If you don't understand that Russia is slaughtering Ukraine and it's NATO trained and supplied and supported military, then get it now. Russia's combined arms offense and defense is fearsome and non-trivial for us to defend against. The Chinese are even better equipped (but not as well led or organized as the Russians have a strong military culture and tradition) and Taiwan is 8,000 miles away. If we decide to fight, the wargame analysis I've seen left me thinking we'd lose 10-25k men and a significant number of plans and ships in the first week of a conflict defending Taiwan from China.

Consider that we lost 50k or so men in Vietnam. Losing that many men and ships and planes in a week will be shocking for most Americans. They will not be able to process it, and most will not realize that our leadership is disconnected from reality. They are literally taking a stance like we'd take in the '80s when our Navy had 600 ships and we could field a million man army with ease. Today? Lucky if we could field 300k quickly. This will be earth shocking for Americans. Unmooring. Our faux veneer of invincibility is making us take insane positions around the world that we cannot back up.

The truth is with all our might, we'd have a hard time beating Russia in Ukraine. While we can establish air superiority that is no longer sufficient due to the massive improvement in the accuracy of rockets and missiles and artillery etc. They are mobile and hard track once launched. Russia has perfected this doctrine in the past year and our ground forces would face heavy losses. We'd have to escalate tremendously and do massive bombing campaigns etc - and we don't have enough bombs. Or enough of any munitions for an extended war.

During the past 20 years, the war on terror hollowed our our ability to fight conventional wars, and the American people were never told this. In many categories of weapons we have been outclassed already. Consider that Patriot battert we sent to Ukraine has missed lots of incoming, as it always will. We are not impervious. And if we don't watch it, we will get into a war we can't win with China or Russia - or both.

And the Chinese are acting according to their interests. Be clear. We are the basically like the USSR putting missiles into Cuba in terms of how we behave near China's borders. And it ain't 1982, when the Chinese were an absolute joke as a military threat. Let's stop acting like it's 1982, k? And maybe they won't send saboteurs here to help kill us. Just a thought...

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Three to 5 years ago there was talk, in conjunction with conversation on the Rail and Belt (China's new Silk Road or whatever it is now called) about China adding Cuba and the Bahamas to their project.

The articles were about using container ships to carry entire military companies of Chinese troops along with their weapons, into ports close to the US mainland thereby providing a launching area for any attack upon the U.S. I saw a couple of articles on this and then silence.

Your article brought that memory back.

With the current political situation, we could all allow our imagination to wander and come up with all sorts of 'possibilities' for what is going on, some valid and some as absurd as the moon being made of green cheese.

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Maybe they are CCP and PLA operatives, friends of Biden's, that the FBI and CIA could not bring in through the front door.

We won't find out because those with the power to do so are in on it.

Thank you for sharing this information.

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