<sigh> Multiple reactions to Mr. Faddis' always excellent writing; some of what follows may be mutually exclusive from other elements (i.e., if one occurs, the other may not). In no particular order:

1) If you believe (as I do) that Obama was always an operative for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) - and likely other anti-American entities - then that explains the "Iran nuclear deal" by which we helped fund its nuclear program; the "Arab Spring" overthrowing (relatively) friendly governments and creating the nascent "caliphate" along the southern Mediterranean; deliberately gifting billions in arms to the Taliban (through the puppet Joe Biden);

2) Pakistan has never been a friend, but played both sides. Don't forget the Awad brothers and indicia that it may have been one of the players in the 2020 election steal / coup;

3) Obama / MB may feel emboldened to now convert Pakistan into a country that doesn't play both sides, but is instead part of an emerging caliphate;

4) Consider the potential role of the CCP influencing the MB, the Taliban and Pakistan;

5) Could the CCP nudge Pakistan (as its proxy) to nuke India (and as a way to distract its population); or threaten to in order to get India to cede disputed territory;

6) Likely the MB (and Obama) want the Islamist forces to obtain nuclear capability "by any means necessary." So Iran and Pakistan nukes by different means is plausible;

7) Ultimate goal Pakistan nukes used to neuter / destroy India, and Iran's Israel? Or mere possession of same to de facto neuter Saudi Arabia and/or Israel and control the Middle East (i.e., de facto caliphate)? Which is not to say that Israel would go down easy.

6) Could it be the MB's

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Never thought Obama was that smart. I agree he despises traditional America and would heartily approve of all you write. He is a pawn for the real evil behind him.

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Once again the left/dems completely ignore or exacerbate dangerous situations concentrating instead on “transforming” America, only now the GOP is complicit. The bill will come due and the innocent will bear the consequences

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Securing Paki's nukes is and has been a core JSOC mission.

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The first thought I had on this was the Nuclear weapons. America has been on top of the list for decades. Now Biden who the hell knows.

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