Brilliant article. We’re sold out to the CCP.

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>>"We are either witnessing the most breathtaking display of incompetence in American history or very deliberate actions meant to lead to our downfall."

The latter. I don't have access to the smoking guns, but I believe that the coopting of our elites (by the CCP and Muslim Brotherhood) began with the Clintons. Lifetime Marxist B. Hussein Obama began the execution of consummating a Marxist "fundamentally transforming" the target, the USA - including by purging the officer corps of patriotic warriors, and turning the DOJ into an suppression force against counter-revolutionaries. Trump interrupted the plans, but the coup d'etat of 2020 got things back on track.

I'm thinking it's time to reread "The Guns of August." I fear uncanny parallels will jump out to the reader.

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I love your optimistic article Mr. Faddis!

Humor helps me deal with the reality. As a believer and follower in Jesus Christ and a minor student of eschatology I try to use that lens to determine the times we live in. Pretty tough to do. The Bible tells us that God raises leaders up and takes others down to accomplish His will. I am in the camp that does not see the USA as a world power in the end times. The stage is being set for something much worse than what we have seen since 2020. What it is I don't know, but the times are fascinating, and the corrupt underbelly of our government is visible for all the world to see.

It pains me that we are no longer the 'shining city on a hill' to the world. We have no respect from our enemies and no trust from our allies. I look forward to your next dispatch.

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Consider this is the same crowd that expanded NATO recklessly and so provocatively for the past 25 years simultaneously forced us to not upgrade our nuclear capabilities. These are the same people who won't fund robust missile/air defense for the U.S. homeland. The same people who've reduced us to about a 450k standing army - that would have a hard time beating Russia in open war on the plans of Ukraine. And by doing so would leave us vulnerable to certain attack by other enemies.

These are the people who told us that a defense posture based on fighting two large regional wars at once successfully was not required, that it wasn't really a deterrent anyway. Many on the Right have gone along with a lot of this. People love to talk about fraud, waste and abuse on DoD programs - be clear, all govt is just as wasteful. But with Defense, it's a necessary evil. Defending our nation isn't optional.

I'm doing my best to leave this fallen nation. I advise others to do likewise.

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