One of those eight 'Republicans' is from my state. There is a movement to primary him, as there should be for the other seven. Those that were absent to vote should be suspect also.

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"Infuriating" doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

Corporate interests - and political interests at their behest - also use taxpayer-paid welfare as, in effect, a CORPORATE SUBSIDY (for legals, but especially for illegals).

Medicaid, "free" emergency rooms, subsidized housing, and free education for illegals - if by no other means than through their "eligibility" due to anchor babies - means that employers can pay a "living wage" that is far lower, since the "worker" will accept lower wages than they otherwise would, because with the "benefits" they can "live" on that.

Many miss the fact that our welfare system is as much, if not more, a corporate subsidy as it is "to help the poor."

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