Outstanding article Mr. Faddis, simply outstanding and succinct. I will reference this article when people ask why I left the GOP in 1996.

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Donald Trump is NOT the candidate we need for POTUS. Was sad to see Sam mention Mehmet OZ without referencing that DJT ENDORSED Oz. DJT endorsed Ronna as RNC Chairperson to our detriment as well. The Fauci Covid disaster, the mail in ballots as well as the steal all occurred under DJT administration. Loyal and patriotic Americans went to DC in support only to be railroaded by the DOJ and leftists without a word of support from DJT. I voted for DJT twice but this is not his time. He has turned into a clown act without any real plans on how to salvage America, only attacks the only viable candidate, Ron DeSantis who has a proven record of taking on the left and best of all WINNING.

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Great summation of where we find ourselves. May I add some more thoughts?

In years past I referred to the GOP Establishment as "Vichy Republicans" for their collaboration with, well, the anti Goldwater / Reagan / Tea Party / MAGA forces.

Reagan's radio broadcasts before becoming President (available as an audiobook "In His Own Words") resonate still today, with how little has changed. So too does Goldwater's "Conscience of a Conservative." Back then it was "Rockefeller Republicans." THE GLOBALIST FORCE IS STRONG IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

History tells us that we need a strong, grassroots leader to overcome (at least temporarily) the deliberate lethargy of the GOPe - Goldwater / Reagan and now Trump.

The 2020 coup d'etat marked a turning point past normal politics and "win some, lose some." This because we've passed politics into a binary patriotism vs. treason struggle.

Now we are in an existential battle for the very future of our Constitutional Republic; we are in a "hot" revolution (so far non-kinetic, unless you want to discuss FBI swat teams) revolution. It consisted / consists of the types of preparatory techniques described by Yuri Bezmenov, the booklet "And Not a Shot is Fired" and CIA-developed "color revolution" techniques.

We have traitors within, including the Republican Establishment (some of them unwitting, motivated by money or power). Some beholden to Globalist multinational financial or business interests. Some compromised by "our" intelligence agencies working on behalf of the CCP, or the CCP itself.

These, along with Democrats (who are motivated by the above + true belief in Collectivist ideology), comprise the UniParty.

Yes, the "R" wing of the UniParty would rather "lose" to Democrats than have a MAGA person in office.

For decades now, the "R'" have successfully maneuvered us into voting the "R" "lesser of two evils" UniParty candidate. That's made us accessories to ours, and our country's intended demise.

I'm done with that, and I suspect that I'm not alone. I'll still vote - for plurality voting means not voting renders me totally irrelevant. But I'll vote MAGA exclusively. If confronting a "lesser of two evils" UniParty candidate I'll write something in. Perhaps the MAGA who on-paper "didn't" win a primary. Or if that's not an option, write-in "Ronald Reagan"or "Donald Trump" just to send an electoral middle-finger to the GOPe.

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