Respectfully disagree on a number of points. Biden isn't doing anything - he's a avatar. (Likely Obama is running him behind the scenes, as middle-manager for the CCP and Globalist Axis, which is most likely calling the shots.)

This Constitutional Republic was subjected to a color revolution - a coup - in November, 2020. It may not be dead (yet), but at present, it's not operational. The public isn't consulted during or after revolutions / coups, so it's not a surprise that we are not consulted now - it's inevitable so long as the coup plotters remain in power.

Nor is the legislative branch consulted. Both parties have, by their actions and inactions since the 2020 coup have demonstrated that their leadership (and most rank and file) are part of the coup. Presumably bought-off and/or blackmailed by the CCP-Globalist Axis (as is the media). Hence the conspiracy of silence to avoid talking about the stolen election, much less dismantle the election fraud infrastructure.

So the ranks of the treasonous are both deep and wide, and at present, they have the momentum. Our Constitutional Republic may not yet be dead, but it's in a coma, and the prognosis ABSENT DIVINE INTERVENTION is not good. It's time for patriots to get right with our Lord, ask his assistance and guidance, and roll up our sleeves ...

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Yes, 12 PM January 20th, 2021.

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Not while there's American blood coursing through our veins!

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Good heavens the Dems gave it a State Funeral with the creepy field of flags, Arlington Cemetery image.

Yes it’s Dead over a year.

Even buried.

Move on, or perish for a memory.

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