“When a radio talk show host threatened to read the email on the air, government attorneys intervened to prevent it.” The JOB of a journalist is to disseminate [true] information, holding the government accountable to ‘We the People’, protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Otherwise he is little more than a dangerous propaganda asset for the regime that holds a populace captive.

When a government censors essential public health information from its citizens, worse yet, ensures precautions to protect the public are NOT taken, the signal strongly suggests that authority is not benevolent, nor trustworthy.

If we haven’t learned this basic lesson from the coronavirus operation, we are sorely ill-prepared for 2024.

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Yet another societal failure, except it's on purpose. No one can be this incompetent.

They are trying to kill Americans.

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How long will it take the left to blame Trump?

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As a first responder I was tested for TB annually. I believe food service workers are also required to be tested before employment. Since it's bacterial I can only guess a person can contract it multiple times. I'm retired (thank God) but I will also guess TB is or will be rampant within the homeless camps, where sanitation is non existent.

With the compromised immune systems from the 'jabbed' population, TB will become a real threat. The CCP and Dr. Fauci just keep on giving.

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