I was there too (J6). I never knew that people went inside the Capitol until I got back to my hotel that evening and watched the news, but did see some of the action outside.

It was a setup. At least by the time I got to the Capitol from the Ellipse, there were no barriers, signs or police telling people not to approach the actual building. Now tell me that would EVER occur, unless intentionally?

I was on alert for Antifa/ Shut Down DC types (they were coming out at dusk at the Jericho March in December to beat on straggler attendees of that). I spotted plenty. It's easy, combinations of: generally all black with Trump garb appended over, backpacks, helmets, goggles or gas masks (anticipating being tear gassed) - virtually all twenty-something white males, not genuine Trump supporters. Typically in small groups (teams) of 2-4, from what I saw.

I also happened to capture some video with a guy that appears very Ray Epps-like, promenading in front of the crowd which was back a little from a line of police deployed right next to the Capitol building (the side facing the Mall). He was strutting between the crowd and the police line, looking (to me) like he was stirring the pot. The police didn't bother him.

It wasn't Epps, but I'll bet he was working on the same (FBI?) team. I saw him conversing (friendly banter and what appeared to be coordinating) with some Antifa / Shut Down DC looking types near the end of the police line.

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Right down to the core brother. Military during Cold War days.

We are failing our own populace. Makes me feel shame. Also pissed. 🇺🇸

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