I have trouble believing that if a rogue nation actually develops functional nukes that they would actually consider using them to attack another country. The power is in having nukes. Actually using one or more spends that power and probably results in the complete elimination of the country that would attack another with nuclear weapons. We would wake up the next day in a very different world. The leaders of the offending nation would not have that luxury.

I was a nuke-qualified pilot during my days as an F-16 pilot in the 1980s.

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Take 58 minutes and watch all of this grab popcorn and watch.

Very important. more people in the country needs to see this. It goes along with what is happening at our border, Israel, NK, Rus., China Ukraine, and what is getting ready to take place at an unknown instant coordinated attack here against the US.


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The book is derived from the document produced by the CCP Unrestricted Warfare, which is orders to the PLA CCP.

It was originally intercepted by the CIA, and was posted on a CIA website C4i, which later was made public


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Yes, I believe the October 7th attacks were planned once Iran had some form of nuclear weapons in their possession. Iran is emboldened by their nukes, by the deals from Obama and Biden, by the war in Ukraine, by China's growing threat to Taiwan and most importantly by Biden's feebleness and the dividedness of our country due to neo-marxist ideologies embraced by the democrats. On the eve of WW3 we have a dementia patient and his leftist handlers running our country.

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