The only thing that concerns me about this font change is that Calibri is the same font I use and I didn't know it was to help the "visually impaired." Never knew I was so impaired!

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Jan 24·edited Jan 24

Why do I care if China takes Taiwan? There are 5 chip fabs being built in the states as I type this - two by Taiwan Semiconductor Corp. Once we can have domestic chip production, they can have Taiwan - which will lose 50% of its chip business if China takes it. We don't have a mutual defense treaty with them. We de-recognised them in favor of China 40+ years ago under that epic loser Carter. But now, in 2023, when they've built a military that will be a real challenge for us to face off against - now we should stand up?

Nope. I don't care. I don't care what happens in Ukraine. Why should either matter to any American citizen? Our elites ceded Asia to China over the past 40 years, while pretending they hadn't. That was the purpose of 'strategic ambiguity', it allowed our elite to have it both ways. But only at the level of narrative. Japan is starting to build up, maybe Australia will grow more of a spine and now that China's minion is fleeing the state in New Zealand, there could be a start on something serious. Along with other Asian nations that want to step up, I'm sure they could hold China back. They are rich nations with hundreds of millions of citizens between them. If they can't protect themselves, oh well.

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