Our current boarder situation. Death! ☠️😡

I’m in my 6th decade of life.

Military during Cold War, Fulda boarder was nothing like this.

The shame I have for my country’s current plight has no bounds anymore. Sad days for the once great and mighty we have become.

🇺🇸🤷‍♂️ But I love her dearly and will always do what I can to protect her.

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I suspect that it's a combination of factors. The de facto slave labor, as discussed.

Also "displacement migration." (Note that in an interview yesterday with Greg Hunter / USAWatchdog, Martin Armstrong said that there's a rumor going around in D.C. that shortly before the midterms - too late for courts to act - Biden will issue some sort of executive order granting citizenship to illegals enabling the to vote.) Plus, displacement migration has been occurring in Europe, where the "refugees" just go on welfare. Methinks that it's all a Soros / WEF plot to subvert existing demographics and culture in the main first-world nations, not just to provide corporatist slave labor.

The "elites" engage in sex trafficking, including young children. They engage in human trafficking for the reasons stated above. It is an open (but legitimate) question if they've deployed "vaccines" to cause time-delayed genocide (hence "plausible deniability") and mass (future) infertility.

They are DEMONS.

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