FWIW, I've come to believe that across the country the Democrat Socialists a/k/a Democratic Party have also been recruiting folks to run as "Republicans" and then serve as a "fifth column" within the GOP.

SEIU for decades has effectively been a Marxist activist group masquerading as a labor union.

A large part of its ranks are government employees. AFSCME is virtually 100% government employees, as are the teachers' unions. They are adjuncts of the Democrat Socialist Party (for years, and perhaps still, the single largest bloc of delegates at Democrat conventions have been members of teachers' unions).

The government employee unions' goals and interests are diametrically opposed to those of the "industrial" unions and their members (the union leaders are another story). In fact, the "Green New Deal" / "Build Back Better" / "Great Reset" supporting government employee unions intend to put the employers of the industrial unions out of business, and so their "union brothers and sisters" out on the street.

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SEIU was founded by Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s mentor), Vernon Jarrett (father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett, who along with David Axlerod, were known as Obama’s brain), and David Cantor (son of Harry Cantor, who was Stalin’s chief interpreter in the Kremlin prior to Stalin’s death, and who went on to form the Boston Communist Party). The elders listed were the ones who founded Communist Party USA.

So I don’t know how Mehaffie duped his constituents in voting for him in a predominanatly conservative district, yet his unholy alliances rat him out ans as extremely corrupt Derr

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Yes. A shame about McCarthy. He wound up pretty much drinking himself to death. A true American hero thrown under the bus by marxists within our own country.

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